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Hey there, 


We are Bec and Carlie (BECCA), two mums from Auckland’s North Shore with a passion for essential oils, self-care, style and amazing scents. 


Together we have created our range of all-natural candles, solid fragrance balms and oil diffusers, using sustainable packaging and hand-crafted in our own studio. 


We use real, organic essential oils in our products, not just fragrance, so you get to experience the holistic mental and physical wellbeing benefits of our range, along with hand-picked, heavenly scent blends to suit your down-time goals.


Speaking of goals, we love to innovate and we’re always thinking about our next new product, how it will smell, look and most importantly make you feel. Watch this space for our latest creations…


Because we started out as essential oil sceptics, we are always mindful of keeping it real with our customers and being transparent with our ingredients. We are total converts when it comes to the wellbeing benefits of essential oils, having experienced first-hand how they have improved our own health. And we’ve found a way to blend the oils to create divinely scent combinations – no-more overpowering stink!


Our passion for Becca Project stems from wanting to share the power of these wonder-oils with you, our customers. You have to try it to believe it and we promise, you won’t be disappointed…


Love Bec and Carlie